Working From Home: Motivational Cure

Motivating yourself to work from home can sometimes prove to be a difficult task. When you're self-employed or simple just trying to start up a new project, the daunting task of working consistent hours can often prove a much greater challenge than what it actually sounds like.

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Everyone thinks it would be cool and awesome to work from home- and it usually is. However, have you ever wondered whether you would get complacent without your boss or manager around to hassle you into meeting a deadline? This is probably one of the most common pitfalls of working from home: the ability to motivate yourself to work hard and long hours.

So what can you do to improve your work ethic whilst spending all your time alone and at home?

Make Targets and Set Goals

Well the first thing you can do is give yourself daily, weekly and monthly targets to hit. Next to each target, you need to come up with some kind of "reward" to give to yourself for accomplishing your goals. That might mean you can treat yourself to a nice meal, take a couple of hours off on a Thursday or perhaps just being able to work on something new that interests you in "work hours".

But you have to meet your goals. It will ensure that works gets done and also that you are progressing. If you don't set goals, you'll find yourself wondering whether you've actually made any progress. An example I can give you is that I once started work on a website for a friend. The goal was to get it to hit 100 unique hits a day by the end of the year. We had six months to hit that goal, but we broke it down into smaller goals each month. First 10 hits a day, then 25 and finally 50. Each time we hit a goal it felt like progression and we were motivated to finally hit it. It was a great success!

Distraction Free

You can also make sure your work life is distraction free. There's nothing more problematic for working from home when you have Facebook open in one tab, the kids crying in another room and several chores around the house that need completing. You need to dedicate work time to your work and everything else needs to be left for after. You can have a meeting with your family to discuss your times so they know when to not bug you and you can even plan your work week out so you have time for other activities. Constant interruption will break you out of your flow- even if its just for five minutes- it can quickly turn into 30 minutes without an angry manager to give you a stern look.

Working from home is a very pleasant thing indeed, but you need discipline and motivation to make it work. Most entrepreneurs would tell you its probably a harder job than working in a normal 9-5 office scenario.

What are your thoughts?

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